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New Goals

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve been away from my blog for so long. It’s time for me to regroup my thoughts and get back into the habit writing. My goals are to post at least once a week, change the look and feel of my blog, increase readership, and promote interactivity from people who read my blog.

It’s time to start thinking up some provocative topics!


Don’t Think About Numbers

No, I’m not knocking on mathematics. I’m talking about sales numbers. If you think too hard about your numbers, you’ll choke. This doesn’t only apply to professional salespeople. Even at places like Starbucks, branch numbers play an important role.

Any business has numbers. There’s a time to discuss how you’re doing, but don’t obsess over the numbers.

Accentuate the Benefits

Ultimately, customers and clients are looking out for themselves. They won’t be persuaded to buy your product or service if they think your motivations are self-serving. That’s why focusing on the benefits of what your selling is so crucial. Be sincere with the fact that you’re helping your customers achieve something with your product or service. It’s all about them.

The Breakdown

If you sell a product or service that can be sold in levels, do it. What I mean by this is start explaining and demonstrating your most expensive, premium service first. Look at popular products today and you’ll find different levels for different desires and needs. The Xbox 360 and IPod have different size hard drives available. At Burger King, you’ll find different size value meals.

While the products above don’t typically have professional salespeople pushing them, they do illustrate my point. If I were going to sell these products I’d always start by recommending the biggest and most expensive option. Detail the benefits of going big. Show them why they should have the best. Some people will accept the best and buy right away. Others will not.

Why won’t they? Some people can’t afford the biggest, most expensive thing you’ve got. Others might simply want exactly what they need. If price is a concern though, starting with the most expensive item and working your way down helps the customer to almost certainly buy the less expensive item. That’s called top down selling at its finest.

Some Simple Advice

In sales, when you and your team have a stellar week, it’s easy to let up. Don’t allow yourself to slack off during the approaching weeks. Come out guns a blazin’ and keep the momentum going. Run with the “selling high” you achieved during the previous week. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to add more dollars to what you’ve already earned?

The Magic Number 7

This sales technique is simple yet takes discipline to use. All you need to do is overcome 7 objections in every sales presentation you do. With each objection you overcome, your prospect loses reasons to not buy. His buying barriers will fall. There’s something about the number 7 that makes people stop objecting and take the plunge.

Now, I say this takes discipline because it’s not easy to keep going sometimes. If someone holds up their hand just inches from your face saying no, no, no, would you keep trying to sell them? If they say “oh, I don’t need that” or “I can’t afford that,” make sure you have responses to those objections. If you sell insurance, tell them they can’t afford not to get it. If you sell hand held GPS systems, tell them they’ll never get lost again. And don’t forget to ask questions, find out what’s important to them and relate what you say to their needs.

Keep a mental running total of the objections you overcome. Then ask for the sale. You might be wildly surprised.

Drive a Mile in Your Customer’s Car

I want to avoid the phrase “Walk a mile in the other person’s shoes” and make that idea more applicable to renting cars. Point being, to do well in this business, you need to downshift and look at things from the perspective of your customer.

This means sympathize. Listen. Find solutions for your customers that match their needs. Not only will they trust you, they’ll feel you’re trying to help them. They’ll want to be your friend. They’ll come back to you when they need your services. Do this for every customer and you won’t fail.


When a sales or management team loosens their operation and become sloppy, nothing good comes from it. Tightening the operation always produces better results. Get everyone on the same page. In sales especially, consistency by everyone heeds top production. Consistency is presenting your goods and services the same way every time. Laziness is the ultimate killer.

Why Rewards Produce Huge Benefits

In my company, the top sellers each month are rewarded with the “Breakfast of Champions.” The general manager from the Pacific Northwest takes these sellers out to a fancy restaurant for breakfast. The reward is substantial. A great free breakfast, time off work to relax, and praise from a manager in high places.

Knowing that the Breakfast is obtainable with high enough sales numbers, employees work much harder to sell effectively and consistently. In Washington State, we’ve seen significant increases in revenue through stronger sales. Each employee is highly motivated by this honor.

Can a reward like this for your employees produce huge benefits in your business?

This May Sound Crazy

But I believe looking your best impacts sales. If you wake up and know that you look good, you’ll feel good. You’ll be more enthusiastic and energetic. If you dress up, you’ll feel more presentable and confident. The people you meet throughout the day will sense your positive energy.

This in turn will produce more sales. You’re presentation will be stronger and prospects will feel comfortable around you.

Make it a point to wake up and look good. Exercise and eat right. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look healthier too. Give it a shot and see what happens.