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Don’t Think About Numbers

No, I’m not knocking on mathematics. I’m talking about sales numbers. If you think too hard about your numbers, you’ll choke. This doesn’t only apply to professional salespeople. Even at places like Starbucks, branch numbers play an important role.

Any business has numbers. There’s a time to discuss how you’re doing, but don’t obsess over the numbers.


Accentuate the Benefits

Ultimately, customers and clients are looking out for themselves. They won’t be persuaded to buy your product or service if they think your motivations are self-serving. That’s why focusing on the benefits of what your selling is so crucial. Be sincere with the fact that you’re helping your customers achieve something with your product or service. It’s all about them.

Some Simple Advice

In sales, when you and your team have a stellar week, it’s easy to let up. Don’t allow yourself to slack off during the approaching weeks. Come out guns a blazin’ and keep the momentum going. Run with the “selling high” you achieved during the previous week. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to add more dollars to what you’ve already earned?

Gotta Love Professional Development

I finished a copywriting course and received a portfolio one sheet that looks great. If you’re interested in reading an excerpt of my sales writing, check it out here:

Christopher Dean Portfolio One Sheet

Enjoy! And comments or feedback are welcome!


Enthusiasm is one of the keys to sales. Today I was tired and didn’t put much behind my sales presentations. I still sold a few people, but my enthusiasm was low.

Be energetic, sell to more people.

Polishing a Sales Letter

Over the past couple months, I’ve learned how to polish a sales letter. For best results, it’s good to follow some guidelines to write effective copy. I’ll list a few of these tips here:

  • Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Cohesiveness
  • Effective sales message
  • Language matched to what the target audience uses
  • Make the page easy to scan, let the most important messages stand out

These can be applied to any type of marketing piece, not just sales letters. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your advertising, these tips should help you strengthen your writing.