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Don’t Think About Numbers

No, I’m not knocking on mathematics. I’m talking about sales numbers. If you think too hard about your numbers, you’ll choke. This doesn’t only apply to professional salespeople. Even at places like Starbucks, branch numbers play an important role.

Any business has numbers. There’s a time to discuss how you’re doing, but don’t obsess over the numbers.


Give Them Hope

I recently had a customer who forgot an item in our rental car. The car had already been re-rented so we couldn’t check the car again. Of course we clean and check the cars as much as possible, but we miss things sometimes.

When the customer called asking about his item, he got the impression that there was no hope in finding it for him. He thought we couldn’t track cars at all and didn’t bother checking for items upon return. It’s unfortunate he felt the way he did, since we try our best to recover any personal effects in our rentals . We resolved the situation with him by finding his item and printing out a certificate for future use.

The moral of the story is that if we didn’t resolve the issue, negative word of mouth advertising would’ve spread. He wasn’t happy with how we initially handled ourselves in this position, which would’ve resulted in him telling people not to use Hertz. It’s also a reminder to tell people you’ll do absolutely everything possible to serve them.


When a sales or management team loosens their operation and become sloppy, nothing good comes from it. Tightening the operation always produces better results. Get everyone on the same page. In sales especially, consistency by everyone heeds top production. Consistency is presenting your goods and services the same way every time. Laziness is the ultimate killer.

Why Change is Important

In a growing and changing marketplace, if you keep doing the same thing, your business will die. Adaptation is important because trends and people change. If you don’t change with them, you’ll become a thing of the past.

Coming Up With Solutions

If you look at a problem and become frustrated, start thinking about possible solutions. If business is slow, find out why. Explore new avenues for success and find ways to increase revenue. Hit the streets and market aggressively. Sell harder. Get people in the door, buying, and leaving satisfied. Create raving fans.

In management, it’s essential to set goals for your people. At weekly meetings, discuss these goals and keep everyone on track. Without a road map and place you want to go, how can you expect to arrive at your destination?

Why Rewards Produce Huge Benefits

In my company, the top sellers each month are rewarded with the “Breakfast of Champions.” The general manager from the Pacific Northwest takes these sellers out to a fancy restaurant for breakfast. The reward is substantial. A great free breakfast, time off work to relax, and praise from a manager in high places.

Knowing that the Breakfast is obtainable with high enough sales numbers, employees work much harder to sell effectively and consistently. In Washington State, we’ve seen significant increases in revenue through stronger sales. Each employee is highly motivated by this honor.

Can a reward like this for your employees produce huge benefits in your business?

This May Sound Crazy

But I believe looking your best impacts sales. If you wake up and know that you look good, you’ll feel good. You’ll be more enthusiastic and energetic. If you dress up, you’ll feel more presentable and confident. The people you meet throughout the day will sense your positive energy.

This in turn will produce more sales. You’re presentation will be stronger and prospects will feel comfortable around you.

Make it a point to wake up and look good. Exercise and eat right. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look healthier too. Give it a shot and see what happens.

What To Do When You’re Shorthanded

If you’re in an industry where teamwork counts, working with fewer people than normal is difficult. I’ve made a mental note of things you can do to make work less hectic and stressful when co-workers are missing in action.

  • Work faster. With less people, there’s more work. Force yourself to pick up the slack.
  • Be prepared. If something unexpected pops up, you’ll be ready.
  • Communicate. Make sure everyone who’s present is on the same page.
  • Take a deep breath. Relax and stay focused when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Stay positive. Know that you’ll make it through the day and get everything done.

These tips can and should be used when you’re not shorthanded as well. When you’re workforce is depleted though, following these guidelines is essential.

When you’re shorthanded, how do you handle it?