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New Goals

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve been away from my blog for so long. It’s time for me to regroup my thoughts and get back into the habit writing. My goals are to post at least once a week, change the look and feel of my blog, increase readership, and promote interactivity from people who read my blog.

It’s time to start thinking up some provocative topics!


Does Music Help You Write?

When it comes to writing, either advertising copywriting or fiction or blogging, music helps my creative juices flow. My imagination runs free and I’m more relaxed. If you’re stuck in a rut or have writer’s block, try listening to some tunes. You might be surprised to find new ideas spring to life.

I’ve been discussing this topic over at the Authority Blogger forum. It’s interesting to see what styles help people write. If you’re a writer and a music lover, tell me what types of music you listen to when you write. Does music help you write?

Change Their Mind

I found this interesting site called Changing Minds. It covers the art and technique of persuasion. Persuasion is the main key in selling. If you can’t convince your prospects that your product has value, you won’t sell.

How Does Snowboarding Relate to Copywriting?

When you don’t have much time off work, escaping from stress is vital. Standing on the peak of a mountain, feeling on top of the world with nobody around is invigorating. For me, it’s essential to let everything go and clear my mind.

There’s been discussion on how to overcome writer’s block at a forum I frequent. Snowboarding is the perfect release before coming back to reality with a fresh and open mind. Ideas start to flow and new perspectives on selling come to mind. It’s amazing how well physical activity gets my creative juices pumping. And the same can happen for you. Give it a try!

Gotta Love Professional Development

I finished a copywriting course and received a portfolio one sheet that looks great. If you’re interested in reading an excerpt of my sales writing, check it out here:

Christopher Dean Portfolio One Sheet

Enjoy! And comments or feedback are welcome!