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How do you feel going into a project, any type of project, with very little preparation? Do you feel lost, pressured, and rushed? I know I do. I need time to read and absorb the material, prepare mentally, and gain the confidence to get the job done. This is most apparent with my writing and film making.

Personally, I need a coherent script before I can go any further. Coming up with an idea and going straight to storyboards leaves major gaps in my overall understanding of what’s going on. Even for a short film, I need a script to study and think about. Without a script, it’s harder for me to visualize what I want to film, thus making storyboards much harder to come up with.

Then going on set and trying to film from an idea becomes unnecessarily difficult. Take the time to prepare as much as possible, not just with film and writing, but with everything you do. How does everyone feel about working under pressure? Is it satisfying to work without proper preparation?


Finishing Touches on my Screenplay

I’ve been working on a short silent screenplay for a Northwest Film Forum challenge. In many ways, shorter is harder. You’ve got to show a complete story arc in only 5 minutes. At least, that’s what I’m attempting to do. You could also show a snapshot of a story, but I’m more of a completest.

[picapp src=”0289/238c0c9d-31d9-4f45-8af3-7375f6a64ef2.jpg?adImageId=5138067&imageId=293017″ width=”500″ height=”334″ /]

Finally, after thinking about how to round out the story, I’ve got a workable script. I’ve also got to thank all the people who provided their valuable input; you know who you are.

Does Music Help You Write?

When it comes to writing, either advertising copywriting or fiction or blogging, music helps my creative juices flow. My imagination runs free and I’m more relaxed. If you’re stuck in a rut or have writer’s block, try listening to some tunes. You might be surprised to find new ideas spring to life.

I’ve been discussing this topic over at the Authority Blogger forum. It’s interesting to see what styles help people write. If you’re a writer and a music lover, tell me what types of music you listen to when you write. Does music help you write?