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Everything Can Go Wrong

The lesson here is BE PREPARED! With a filming project, the bare essentials are as follows:

A polished, workable script.

A shot list and storyboards.

Locations mapped out.

And a plan to make everything run smoothly.

It’s not a great idea to get into a project without knowing what you want to accomplish. This applies to everything in life, not just film. This lesson hit a little closer to home this weekend, so trust me, I know what I’m talking about here.


Finishing Touches on my Screenplay

I’ve been working on a short silent screenplay for a Northwest Film Forum challenge. In many ways, shorter is harder. You’ve got to show a complete story arc in only 5 minutes. At least, that’s what I’m attempting to do. You could also show a snapshot of a story, but I’m more of a completest.

[picapp src=”0289/238c0c9d-31d9-4f45-8af3-7375f6a64ef2.jpg?adImageId=5138067&imageId=293017″ width=”500″ height=”334″ /]

Finally, after thinking about how to round out the story, I’ve got a workable script. I’ve also got to thank all the people who provided their valuable input; you know who you are.