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The Things I Get Away With

A note on my personality…

I like to joke around and I’m moderately sarcastic. I hope most of the time people know I’m not serious with what I say. I’m comfortable messing around with upper level managers and I’ve never pushed my jokes far enough to get in trouble, so I think people get it.

I think there’s a fine line between sacrificing professionalism and understanding when you can be more light-hearted with a customer. Judgement is the key here and I don’t think I present myself in a damaging way. I’ve never had a customer complain to me or upper management because of the way I conduct myself. Most complaints stem from either price or cleanliness of a car.

As for my discussion with Naomi Dunford at IttyBiz, I think I’ve found a balance between sarcasm and professionalism. I’m glad I’m not “that guy” who desperately cracks jokes, only to have people staring at him with wide-eyes and wondering what’s going on. I’m also glad I’m not someone who tells a joke and laughs hysterically by himself, while everyone else looks bored to tears.

In conclusion, sarcasm in a professional setting can work. Just make sure people understand you and do it in moderation.There’s a time for sarcasm and a time for seriousness. Know the difference.

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