Hi, I’m Christopher Dean. I currently work for Hertz Car Rental in Washington State. I’m also a copywriter on the side. I’m writing this blog for people in the sales and marketing field who want to read about the techniques I apply everyday. By absorbing a fresh perspective on sales, I believe people will go out with a strong idea or technique and make a sale in a new and exciting way.

Why am I writing about sales, marketing, and copywriting? I want to share my ideas with everyone who’s interested. I learn, on a daily basis, about what works and what doesn’t in sales. By writing about what I learn, I process the information better and reflect on my interactions for the day.

For me, marketing is another form of sales. They’re different in many ways, but I believe the ultimate goal of marketing is to make the sale. Marketing is getting your name in front of people. Without that, how will you make the sale?

Sales is also an integral part of copywriting. In copywriting, you’re selling a product or service. Instead of talking to someone face to face like traditional sales, copywriting is the form of selling in writing. Sales and copywriting go hand in hand.

Inter-disciplinary study of these forms of selling is essential. Luckily, I went to The Evergreen State College where everything is taught through inter-disciplinary study. I learned how to focus on one subject or theme and think about it from multiple perspectives.


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  1. dncollins on

    I am looking to establish the copywriting division of my company (Pcodia Media) and I was wondering if you have any ideas of where I should start looking.

    Don Collins

  2. christophercdean on

    @dncollins – I’d look for qualified copywriters in your area. You can go with freelancers or sublet work to ad agencies. On the web you can check out http://guru.com and http://linkedin.com for freelancers.

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