The Magic Number 7

This sales technique is simple yet takes discipline to use. All you need to do is overcome 7 objections in every sales presentation you do. With each objection you overcome, your prospect loses reasons to not buy. His buying barriers will fall. There’s something about the number 7 that makes people stop objecting and take the plunge.

Now, I say this takes discipline because it’s not easy to keep going sometimes. If someone holds up their hand just inches from your face saying no, no, no, would you keep trying to sell them? If they say “oh, I don’t need that” or “I can’t afford that,” make sure you have responses to those objections. If you sell insurance, tell them they can’t afford not to get it. If you sell hand held GPS systems, tell them they’ll never get lost again. And don’t forget to ask questions, find out what’s important to them and relate what you say to their needs.

Keep a mental running total of the objections you overcome. Then ask for the sale. You might be wildly surprised.


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