Does Music Help You Write?

When it comes to writing, either advertising copywriting or fiction or blogging, music helps my creative juices flow. My imagination runs free and I’m more relaxed. If you’re stuck in a rut or have writer’s block, try listening to some tunes. You might be surprised to find new ideas spring to life.

I’ve been discussing this topic over at the Authority Blogger forum. It’s interesting to see what styles help people write. If you’re a writer and a music lover, tell me what types of music you listen to when you write. Does music help you write?


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  1. Dr. Tom Bibey on

    I am a Doctor who plays bluegrass mandolin.

    My genre is modern medical grit lit, and I write a physician bluegrass fiction blog.

    My agent says I should play to get in the correct frame of mind to write, and I do, but sometimes it comes out as a breakdown.

    Dr. Tom Bibey

  2. vimoh on

    It does indeed. It’s purpose is to put me in a mood of my choice. So instrumentals work best. Words distract (I suck at multitasking). 🙂

  3. Great uncle Bill H. on

    Chris, as you know I do play the guitar. I stated to relive stress from from my work as a construction supervisor, and it worked. Does it make me write better? I doubt it, as I don’t write, but it does help take your mind off the triviall things you can’t change………..

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