The Fast Food Dilemma

I’m not talking about fast food making you fat and unhealthy here. I’m not going to say stop eating it or you’ll die a slow horrible death. I have a different take.

At the drive through of a certain fast food chain, the speaker that you place your order with was turned up full blast. The voice that piped through was like a piercing, blaring siren. My ears were ringing and I had a headache before paying for my food.

I’ll probably never go through that drive-thru again. Not because I don’t like the food, but because I don’t want my eardrums to pop before lunch. Of course I could walk into the establishment, but I want fast service and when I’m on the go, I prefer the drive-thru.

I’m wondering if this type of situation would affect other people the same way. Would you stop eating at a fast food joint if something as trivial as the speaker being turned up too high would make you pick another place?

The other question is if your business is doing something small like this that’s causing you to lose customers. It’s always good to take a hard look at possible factors that are putting people off. If you find something, fix it. Hopefully it’s something as easy as turning the volume down on a speaker.

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