Tell Them Everything

During a rental with a previous customer, she told me she was supposed to receive a credit from her last rental. She said she was told her rental would be right around $20 a day since that’s the amount her insurance company would pay for. Insurance companies pay for rentals when a customer’s car needs to go into the shop and in this case, she was using her own insurance company with a $20 a day max. Anything beyond $20 was her responsibility.

The reason she wanted a credit back was because the actual cost of the rental per day was about $26. She was aware that she had to pay tax on the rental and possibly a dollar or two of the rate, but she believed she was charged too much. I explained to her that the rental rate was probably closer to $22 per day (it turned out to be $21.99 after I looked it up). I had to clarify also that with each insurance company we have specific contracted rates. She thought we were just going by standard Hertz rates. I also had to explain that rental tax, at 18.6%, is much higher than normal Washington State tax. By breaking everything down for her, she understood why the bill was a little higher than originally anticipated.

At my Hertz location we average 5-6 credits per week. People call up because they believe the charges were too high or they simply don’t understand their bill. Clarity in presenting your service is essential. By explaining exactly how things work, you put the customer at ease and they feel well informed. Not only is it good customer service, but it saves you from wasting time and energy filling out forms to credit money back.


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