Before and After

Yesterday, literally 30 seconds before closing time, a customer returned my call. It’s a customer with unique needs for a rental. The way I proposed to set him up in a car wouldn’t work. There were legality and liability issues because a third party was involved. Ultimately, the fate of putting this guy into a car rested upon the other party accepting liability for the car if anything were to happen. The problem was I couldn’t get an answer from the other side. So I was stuck. I had to calmly listen to this man on the other end of the phone frantically ask how we’re going to make this work. He went over the same frustrated story numerous times. He was demanding and impatient. I was frustrated and not enthused. I explained everything the best I could. Finally he gave it a rest and we got off the phone, playing the waiting game.

Today I had to convince the other party to do the rental in a way that’s high risk. Due to the time constraints and nature of the situation, it was the only option. I’m fortunate I could make it work and she accepted the terms of the rental. When I went to deliver the car to the customer, he didn’t say much. After the previous frenetic phone conversation, that was a blessing.


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